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EMC Hardware Maintenance and Warranty

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The STG Difference

Signature Technology Group focuses on providing OEM quality service at third party prices. STG has been supporting EMC servers and hardware for more than 25 years. Our team of experienced technicians ensure services and support are delivered to the standards and requirements of our clients.

EMC Contract About to Expire?

EMCSignature Technology Group has been servicing EMC hardware for over 25 years. We have a large staff of knowledgeable and experienced technicians who help companies lower their EMC maintenance costs while extending the life of their hardware.

On average, STG can help companies with EMC hardware save between 50% - 70% on their OEM warranty costs while maintaining the same level of service expertise. STG offers competitive prices, flexible service level agreements, and a large network of certified technicians and engineers, ensuring that legendary service is always delivered.

Customer Success Story

"Maricopa County Sheriff’s IS department has utilized STG since 1995. The reason for switching to STG was as much financial as it was service oriented. The Sheriff’s Office stated that STG proved to be a very efficient company, and responsive to all issues, especially critical systems. They have a great response time during off-hours, weekends, and holidays. They never take longer than 35-45 minutes to respond. STG maintains all of the desktop workstations, along with the data center mainframes, and printers. Critical systems on site are responsible for tracking the movements of all prisoners throughout the prison system, 24 hours a day. The Sheriff’s Office has stated that the critical systems have financial penalties written into the contract, and STG has been able to fulfill all aspects of the contract."
Maricopa County Sheriff IS Department

Supported EMC Hardware

EMC Server Hardware

  • EMC Clariion
  • EMC Connectix

EMC Storage Hardware

  • EMC Celerra
  • EMC Symmetrix
  • EMC Clariion
  • EMC VNX & VNXe

EMC Networking Hardware

  • EMC Switches
  • EMC Routers
  • EMC Directors

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