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Benefits of Third Party Maintenance

Signature Technology Group (STG) provides data center maintenance services that reduce hard costs and create time, by freeing resources to focus on company innovation and productivity. Through our channel partners, we have over 25 years of experience providing data center services to major corporations, higher education institutions, and government organizations that value peak efficiency, service that is OEM caliber or better, and hard dollar savings.

STG Maintenance Services help: 

  • Minimize downtime 
  • Reduce risk 
  • Realize significant savings on IT maintenance and warranty support
  • Consolidate and streamline support across multiple platforms and networks

Hardware Maintenance OS Support Preventative Maintenance

STG provides maintenance services across all major platforms and vendors, eliminating multiple contracts and disparate support procedures. With a vendor agnostic approach, we deliver consistent and reliable end-to-end support. Learn More.

STG has extensive experience providing OS support services in multi-vendor environments.  We offer end-to-end support service portfolios to meet business requirements. Skilled technicians deliver OS support around-the-clock from our US Based OS Support Service Desk. Learn More.

STG uses remote network monitoring, active OS support, software patch management, and scheduled system reviews to identify impending problems and resolve them before they impact operations or productivity. Learn More.

Our Maintenance Methodology

Many companies offer standard SLAs. However if a system is down, depending on the function of that system and the applications it hosts, organizations may incur great loss. STG works with these organizations to understand their service needs and creates an SLA that best works for them. If their equipment fails, one call will initiate a quick and efficient process to get them back up and running. We achieve strict SLA adherence and meet expectations based on a prescribed methodology resulting from 25+ years of experience delivering legendary service to over a thousand companies. 


*This process is adapted based on the size and complexity of your IT environment.

Global Capabilities

STG provides data center maintenance services globally in over 180 countries with the necessary stocking locations. Contact us for more information. 

Data Center Maintenance Coverage

Providing More Than Just Technicians

Anyone can send a technician but STG believes in sending the right technician.  Quality is extremely important and to ensure we service each data center with someone who has the right skills for the problem at hand, STG has built a proprietary system to rank and score each technician for each remediation he performs and for each technology platform. This allows us to maintain a workforce of highly qualified technicians that continuously provide legendary service.

Data Center Technicians Nationally


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