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Deliver a maintenance & warranty alternative

Enable your customers the freedom to set their own refresh cycles, without pressure from OEM policies. Tech Data maintenance and warranty plans are a cost effective solution to extend the life of data center hardware. Rather than force a hardware refresh due to end of life announcements, offer your clients the ability to take full advantage of their hardware investment.

Gain a competitive edge

Utilize third-party party maintenance and warranty solutions to neutralize your competitors. As hardware rolls off OEM warranty, leverage Tech Data maintenance to provide an alternative to a refresh. With insight into the retirement of hardware, you are first in line for refresh registration. Now you are in control and have gained an edge.

Channel friendly & focused

Protect your customers from third-party maintenance providers who walk the line of a dual model: direct and channel. With global credibility as a channel-only distributor, Tech Data values your partnership and lives by our promise to not compete with you. Tech Data channel-only model eliminates the potential for your maintenance and warranty provider directly competing against you.

Vendor agnostic coverage & support

By consolidating hardware maintenance across platforms and vendors, you eliminate multiple contracts and disparate support procedures. The result is reliable end-to end support for your client. We maintain a variety of authorizations, certifications, and partnerships to ensure our ability to deliver legendary service.


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