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Data Center White Papers

Cloud Service Strategy Whitepaper

Cloud Service Strategy

Executing a multi-tiered cloud strategy can be the right-sized answer for your organization. This essential white paper will provide you with an overview of different types of clouds, methods of measuring the criticality of IT systems, matching Application Components and Tiers to Appropriate Cloud Service Levels. Done right, a multi-tiered cloud strategy offers flexibility for the level of protection required for critical workloads and the cost-savings of inexpensive cloud services.

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Which Data Center Whitepaper

Which Data Center Is the Right One?

At some point, every organization will face a data center strategy dilemma. This comprehensive white paper breaks down the essential needs an organization must consider when designing a data center: storage, power consumption, security, downtime tolerance, data center footprint, overhead capacity.

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7 Steps to Cost Effective Migration

While migration is often a large and complex endeavor replete with multiple opportunities for unfavorable business impact, a disciplined and elegant planning approach as described in this document, combined with cooperation across organizational boundaries can make this huge task a little easier.

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