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Case Studies

A close look at how we have helped clients in the past.

Global Investment Firm Cloud Case Study

Global Investment Firm: Cloud Case Study

Founded in the 1930’s and currently operating in more than 20 countries, our client is one of the largest independent global investment firms and is widely known for its distinctive investment management capabilities. Driven by the need to reduce costs and administrative overhead, and streamline operations, our client was seeking an independent perspective in evaluating opportunities to move their current IT infrastructure to the cloud.

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University Cloud Case Study

Ivy League University Case Study

This NorthEast U.S. University had achieved significant growth in recent years which necessitated an expansion of its IT infrastructure: Storage, Security, Power consumption, Downtime tolerance, Data center footprint, Overhead capacity. Create a data center strategy that gives you everything you need without paying for anything that you don’t.

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Healthcare Data Center Case Study

Our customer is a fortune 500 healthcare company. Their hospitals and health systems offer patients reassurance they are being cared for by a team with a proven track record for providing excellent care and positive outcomes for their patients. As is the case with many healthcare organizations, our customer found themselves growing to a point where their IT infrastructure could no longer accommodate its rapidly expanding business.

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