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Maintain Business Continuity with Nationwide Smart Hands Capabilities

Introducing an End-to-End Deployment Solution



Internal IT resources are stretched thin, managing day-to-day operations while planning for the businesses future infrastructure. Strategic projects often get delayed or push to wayside, due to restraints on internal resources. Deliver value to clients by boosting operational efficiencies while reducing the burden on internal resources with Smart Hands services. 

Offering on-demand deployment services can prevent client end-user interruptions and maintain business continuity. STG Tech Data will efficiently and economically complete the deployment of your client's new technology. Our team of engineers will provide end-to-end services from device decommission, unpack, install, upgrade and disposal. Enable client's to focus on keeping the business up and running while expert engineers seamlessly deploy new devices.

STG Tech Data Deployment Services 

  • Hardware Refresh: Upon arrival of the new hardware, an engineer willdecommission the old device and unpack, install, and upgrade the new device. 
  • IMAC: Covers the day-to-day activities of scheduling and installing hardware and software, adjustments to configuration, and relocation of equipment.
  • Asset Tagging: Streamline deployment and easily manage a device ecosystem with tagging.

Channel Partner Benefits

  • End-to-End Solution Provider. Capture the full value of clients by wrapping on-demand deployment services around new hardware purchases. 
  • Execute Nationwide Multi-Site Deployments. Utilizing our nationwide network of deployment engineers, your deployment capabilities extend coast to coast. 
  • On-Site Access to Client's IT Environment. Deployment engineers are on-site with your client, gathering intelligence and assessing follow-on opportunities.
  • Drive Meaningful Margin. Bundle new hardware quotes with services to increase deal margins and drive profitability. 

End Client Benefits

  • Simplicity. A single engagement with a solution provider that delivers new hardware and deployment services.
  • Focus on the Future. Keep internal staff focused on maintaining and create the IT infrastructure of the future. 
  • Manage the Costs. Extend the capabilities of the IT department without a major influx in costs
  • Qualified Resources. Knowledgeable and experienced resources that act as an extension to your internal team.


Smart Hands Overview  

The Next Step

Engage with our team of channel account managers and pre-sales consultants to develop your on-demand deployment offering. 

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