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Recruiting and staffing solutions

Having the right people is critical for success. It is people who are responsible for creating strategy, executing the activities and projects, and managing the ongoing operations of applications and data center infrastructure. Without the right skills and expertise, an IT department's ability to deliver services timely and effectively will suffer, and ultimately, impact the overall business.

Whether the need is for temporary IT support or a permanent team member, we offer flexible IT staffing solutions to help companies connect with the technical resources they need.

Temporary IT Support Contract-To-Hire Direct Hire

Occasionally teams needs more support for a short period of time. Instead of burning out the existing team, STG offers temporary support that can range from a few weeks to several months. STG facilitates workforce flexibility with precision-matched staff anywhere in the United States. Our technology consultants support IT teams, providing versatility in the IT environment.

Companies hire and onboarded someone just to find out they aren’t the right fit for the team. Unfortunately those situations are timely and expensive. STG offers contract-to-hire services to provide organizations and the prospective employee the opportunity to develop a relationship and assess the fit in the working environment. This minimizes commitment, while increasing flexibility. 

Certain positions are difficult to recruit for and HR might not be able to provide managers with qualified candidates. STG has 25 years of data center experience and is able to locate, qualify, and recruit the best IT specialists to successfully integrate with the organization, culture, and business needs. 


Are Your Keeping Up With The Market?

Free Rate Guide

Salary rates differ depending on the position's region, experience, responsibilities, and length of commitment. With so many variables and the constant flux in the job market, how do you keep up? With STG's IT Staff Rate Guide, you will get a quick glance into today's IT job market.

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Why Staff Augmentation?

Information Technology is a very particular area and the expertise that is needed isn't just a standard skills assessment. Human Resources will ask for the job description, and will do their best to find someone that conforms to the list. But HR rarely speaks IT! And even more rarely, understands how to crack the translation code. After weeks, managers typically get a few candidates and instead of getting someone with skills in Java, SCCM, and ITIL, they receive resumes of individuals that are baristas, MCCS, and Six Sigma. Candidly, they often do not know the difference between a Web Developer and .Net Developer.

Top 4 Reasons Companies Utilize Staff Augmentation Services:Staffing Solutions

  • Flexibility – Companies need the ability to scale to the demands of their businesses. Especially when there is uncertainty if the workload is permanent or the business just needs a quick solution. If companies wish to retain the ability to adjust workforces quickly and without financial repercussions, staff augmentation makes it easy.
  • Cost Savings – By eliminating the time, effort, and expense of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training employees; companies reduce costs. Additionally, if a skillset is needed only for a finite period their ability to limit financial and legal exposure is mitigated.
  • IT Expertise – Outsourcing to an IT company with project and technology experience gives them peace of mind that an IT specialized company is finding the right experts to accomplish their project goals.
  • Quality – Utilizing an IT recruiting organization ensures that you receive qualified candidates that possess the necessary skills and expertise to accomplish your IT and business objectives.

Positions Our Clients Ask For

  • Systems Engineers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Project Manager
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Customer Service Engineers
  • Desk Side Support Engineers
  • Deployment Services Engineers
  • Service Desk Analysts
  • Service Desk Coordinators
  • Programmer Analysts
  • .NET Developers
  • NOC Technicians
  • QA Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • SharePoint Architect