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Be the "Go-To" Provider in Crunch Time with Disaster Recovery Services



Disaster recovery is strenuous on internal IT resources with increased hours and tight deadlines. Clients will turn to a trusted solution provider, like you, to help bear the workload demands. Offering a full suite of disaster recovery services enables you to be a “go-to” provider in crunch time. From hardware rentals to onsite support, enable your clients to achieve business continuity goals from hardware to onsite labor support. 

Disaster Recovery Services 

  • Short-Term Hardware Rental: Utilize rental hardware to bridge the gap between approval and new hardware. Often, rental hardware is covered under insurance policies.
  • Data Center Relocations: Relocation services enable businesses to make swift transitions into a new location and maintain continuity.
  • New Hardware Deployments: Deploy new technology across nationwide locations with technicians that execute device decommission, unpack, install, upgrade and disposal.
  • Hardware Damage Testing: To comply with insurance guidelines, enable clients to ship the damaged equipment for testing and confirmation of damage. 
  • On-site / Desk-side Support: In an effort to restore the status quo, additional support resources relieve internal IT teams from call backlogs and accelerate recovery times.


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Disaster Recovery Overview  

The Next Step

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