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Cisco Catalyst 3850 Rack & Stack Services

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Providing solution provider's the ability to dispatch on-site engineer to complete a ‘Rack and Stack’ for Cisco Catalyst 3850 series. The role of the on-site technician is to perform basic installation tasks. Specifically, the qualified technician will:

  • Install the equipment into a rack if necessary
  • Connect the unit to existing power and network points
  • Power up unit to operational state
  • Configure unit with customer provided IP address to return system to working state
  • Establish IP connectivity
In the event client requirements extend beyond basic installation tasks, STG Tech Data will work to scope the work and provide a customized quote. Our work is backed by our legendary service promise, ensuring a door-to-door quality experience.

Standard Terms: Pricing is based on customer supplied information and is subject to correction based on actual services performed