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Staff Augmentation or Professional Services? That's The Question.

by STG Service Team on Wed, Feb 12, 2014

Are you planning to start a new IT project in the near future? Considering using your resources or outsourcing? We know the decision can be difficult, so here’s a questionnaire to help you sort things out. 

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Answer Key

Professional Services

A deliverable based service. Professional services send in experienced people to manage and complete your IT project. No training necessary, fast and effective.

Staff Augmentation

A solution that delivers qualified IT employees that help assist with your projects and/or daily IT needs. These team members will be managed by your internal resources.

Utilize Internal Resources

Your best method of implementation will be to utilize internal resources.


We think it would be beneficial for you to utilize a hybrid of staff augmentation and professional services. An IT expert will help you complete your goals and our recruiting experts will find you the right guy to give your team the added support beyond your IT project.

These decisions can be difficult and should be based on your organizations needs and resources. You can learn more about the Professional Services and Staff Augmentation we offer to get a better feel for what would work for your company. What to talk with one of our reps? Request a free assessment and we can discuss your needs with you to help you determine the best decision.


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