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A hero's journey to services led

We have all heard the same buzz words: transform, disrupt, pivot. The data, the experts, the conferences, and the books all tell us that we must *insert buzz word* or our business is at risk. 

Often, the *buzz word* seems like a job fit for a superhero. One with a superpower to *buzz word* your business overnight. And fight off that villain that is threatening to invade your business.
For solution providers, like yourself, the challenge is: how do you become services led? All the data, experts, conferences, and books tell us: services is the future. Your business can take several paths to achieve services success, hoping that one journey will lead to your hero.

Or, opt for the Tech Data way - a guaranteed hero. 

tech data hero

A portfolio of services developed for your journey ahead

Maintenance & Warranty

Enable your customers the freedom to set their own refresh cycles, without pressure from OEM policies. Tech Data maintenance and warranty plans are a cost effective solution to extend the life of data center hardware. Rather than force a hardware refresh due to end of life announcements, offer your customers the ability to take full advantage of their hardware investment.

Smart Hands Deployments

Your customers internal IT resources are stretched thin, managing day-to-day operations while planning for future infrastructure. Strategic projects often get delayed or pushed aside, due to restraints on internal resources. Deliver value to your customers by reducing the burden on internal resources for deployment projects with smart hands resources.

Staffing & Recruiting

In a fast-paced business environment, HR is often left scrambling to amply staff IT departments. Whether the business requires a short-term project burst or a full-time employee, finding qualified talent within budget continues to pose significant challenges. Tech Data’s staffing services eliminate the challenge with expert recruiters who maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates.

THE Services Led Approach

You can use Tech Data and our service offerings to help you learn services, sell services, deliver services, all while figuring out how to adapt your business model in the long term to support a services led strategy.

We allow you to buy services like you do product. From the distributor. We can help with the presales, the tools, the marketing, the training. Tech Data will support you while you develop the skills.

So, where can we help you get started?